Subscribe to the Hedgenordic Database

As a hedge fund manager, institutional investor, accredited investor, journalist or any other person involved within the hedge fund industry, subscription to the Hedgenordic Database will give you a fast and precise understanding on how Nordic hedge funds are performing on a monthly basis.

Subscription to our service includes:

  • Full access to our database
  • Historical performance of all the Nordic hedge funds
  • Performance statistics about all the Nordic hedge funds in the index (Asset Under Management, Subscription- and Redemption fees, Hurdle Rate, High Water Mark, Administrative Information etc. )
  • Overview or in-depth analysis of all the funds
  • Daily news coverage of the Nordic region

The Performance Database contains detailed information on every hedge fund in the Nordic region; their performance history since inception, quantitative statistics, and general information. (Pictures can be seen by clicking on them)


Subscription to the Hedgenordic Database costs:

950 EUR per year
600 EUR for half a year.


If you want to subscribe to the database, please send an email to